UK Employability Launchpad™

Our 3 Step Success Model

Our flagship course is designed with the intention of cutting out all the noise and getting straight to the point. Our aim is to get you that graduate job in the most effective way possible. We do this by following our 3 step success model.





Your Personal Roadmap For Success

Personal Consultation

We begin with a one-on-one consultation to define your career goals, match you to jobs based on your profile and understand your strengths.

CV Strengthening

You'll then receive an action plan to strengthen your CV detailing the specific internships, skill building experiences and volunteering activities to undertake that recruiters value- all tailored to your specific university and the job profile you are aiming at

CV rewriting

Your CV will be professionally rewritten and reformatted to ensure it matches industry standards and you easily pass the initial screening process

Timeline Mapping

Your Job application strategy and timeline is formulated that prioritizes securing a job offer within the visa process deadlines

Catchup Calls

Monthly progress calls will take place to ensure you are on track.


A typical hiring has 8 stages and on failing at any stage, you’re not allowed to reapply for at least 6 months. This makes it of utmost importance for international students to excel every step of the way - Our Flagship Training Programme is designed to do just that!

Interview Strategies: Frameworks and best practices for answering questions in an engaging manner, that tick all the boxes in the interviewer’s scorecard sheet.

Assessment Masterclass: Practice sessions to cover telephone interviews, competency interviews, technical interviews, face to face interviews, group exercises, assessment centre exercises and much more!

Immigration advice: Get all your immigration related queries answered- Strategies for acquiring a tier 2 visa, companies that sponsor international students based on our past experience, and most importantly—successful job hunting methods used by international candidates who have secured employment.

Resource Bank: A comprehensive database of real interview questions and sample answers provided by successful candidates, along with methods for answering job/industry-specific questions.

Psychometric Tests: Practicing interview questions is important, but first you must pass the psychometric test that 50% of candidates fail at. You'll have access to a variety of practice tests and mock tests to pass - numerical, verbal, logical, etray and more.

Mock Assessment: Practice makes perfect, which is why we provide you with mock interviews and assessment centre exercises along with detailed feedback

The training is conducted on our learning platform and is LIVE allowing real time interaction with the instructor, live feedback and two way communication - you won’t be watching boring videos, you’ll be in an engaging classroom but from the comfort of your rooms


Now It’s Time To get the ball rolling and submit your applications for job vacancies 

Mentors Support

Our exclusive Mentors Network makes it possible for you to speak directly with international graduates, who are employed with some of the top companies in the UK. They provide pointers for navigating the application process and can give you that edge to make you stand out in your interviews

Continuous support and practice

You’ll receive plenty of guidance, feedback and practice sessions once you start applying - we’ll be there with you every step of the way to ensure you successfully pass every stage till you get that job offer and it’s time to celebrate!!

Job Board

Our filtered job board features internships, part time opportunities, CV enhancing activities, and full-time job openings from companies with a track record of sponsoring international students. We worked very hard to bring this as this information is not readily available out there - it’ll save you a lot of time and effort so make the best use of it!

Your Learning Platform

All your courses are beautifully available for you on Leap Beyond Platform - accessible on desktop, tablet or smartphone

Access anytime, anywhere

Flexible batch timings to fit around your university exam dates and assignment submissions

Dedicated ‘ask for help’ page with 24 hours guaranteed response

Community area to interact with other members

Student dashboard to manage all your learning activity from one place - course progress, quizzes, feedback, queries, messages and so on

Certificate on completion


I have exams coming up and i won’t be able to attend the live training during the exams - what do i do?

That’s perfectly fine! Our live training sessions are flexible and are designed to fit around your exam schedule. While you’re busy with your exams- it still gives us time to shortlist application opportunities for you and refine your applications to enable you to apply as soon as you are back! So, even if you have exams coming up, remember to enrol early – it’s a big advantage.

I am a first year/second year student in the UK - is this course for me?

Absolutely!  We recommend students join this course as early as possible – the more time you have with us, the better your preparation will be. The ideal time to join is when you’re in your first year or your second year of studies. If you are a masters student, it is strongly recommended you join as soon as you have finalised your university.

I am in the final year of university - can I join?

Depends on how far along you are in the final year. Applications for graduate jobs usually opens a year before the start date. However, there’s a possibility that we will be able to give you custom training and prioritise the tight timelines according to the vacancies that are still open  – please get in touch on [email protected] and we can discuss the possibilities.

What does live training mean?

We don’t believe in giving you a bunch of boring videos – so we’re bringing our sessions to you through live training. It is an interactive virtual classroom solution delivered right to your computer via the Internet. it all happens real time and it’s like attending a real class except from the comfort of homes.

Who will be the instructor during my session?

The main instructor during your sessions will be Ayesha Goyal who is also the founder of the company. In addition to this, you’ll have regular guest lectures from our mentors.

Can I talk to someone about some questions I have?

Certainly! Just write to us on [email protected] and we will be happy to give you a call to discuss your questions. We usually get back within 24 hours! 🙂

Any Questions? Hit us up

We promise to get back to you within 24 hours 🙂