90% of our students secured full time jobs in the UK last employment season! Enrolment for the current season is now OPEN!

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A brand new CV Your CV will be professionally rewritten and reformatted according to industry best standards and recruiter's insights - normally priced at £80-£100 in other agencies.

Your roadmap to success Receive a detailed action plan detailing the specific internships, skill building experiences and volunteering activities to undertake that recruiters value to make you stand out in your interviews!

Timeline for succesful visa application Most students don't keep visa timelines in mind when applying resulting in a failed application. We integrate it all for you in one timeline and we ensure you follow it!

Your community Be part of an online community - interact with other int'l students and have a shared learning experience.

We cut the clutter All our content, training and resources are based on strategies of successful candidates - not the generic/boring advice you'll receive in career centres! We get to the point and that's what sets us apart.

Personal Career Coach You'll have access to a personal career coach who will be your primary trainer for your 1-on-1 sessions and first point of contact for your journey with us. You'll work closely with your coach to ensure you are acing your preparations!

Flexible around exams and busy periods Our live sessions have multiple batches and are completely flexible around your exams. However, you are advised to join at the earliest so that we can refine your applications while you're giving exams to speed up the process!

Top Notch Preparation More than 20 hours of live training covering every step of the application process - based on recruiter tips, tricks and strategies

Filtered job board Access employment openings in UK from companies that sponsor int'l students -based on all our research, past trends and real candidate experiences.

Immigration advice Our advice sessions will teach you everything about securing a job as an international student - ALL your visa and immigration questions answered!

Mock interview training At regular intervals, we'll conduct mock tests/interviews and give you feedback to make sure you're prepared to ace the actual process!

Mentors Our mentors are currently employed in top companies and are an excellent source of information for you to be able to stand out in your interviews!


How is the fee so low? I have seen companies charge £100 for a CV review.

We’ve been in your shoes as students ourselves so we know how important pricing is. The course was designed in a way to enable students to access professional advice and training in student friendly prices – we’ve been able to do this as a lot of us are keen to help int’l students and level the playing field in the employment market. We have pooled our resources, experience and training to give you everything in one place – in one price that is affordable.

Is there really a 30 day money back guarantee?

Absolutely! We’re quite confident in what we have to offer and you can be certain it won’t come to that. But for any reason, if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get your money back without any hassle.  

What happens once I join?
Once you enrol, you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on logging into the student portal. After you login, you’ll have access to your student dashboard from where you’ll be able to manage all your learning activity