The UK Employability Launchpad™

Our flagship online platform is designed to provide every international student with the right skills, training and resources to land a graduate job in the UK. We have assimilated all the strategies and knowledge that international students, just like you, have used to gain a graduate job in the past - Now, it's your turn!

Meet Ayesha

Founder, Leap Beyond

I’ve been exactly where you are. I moved to UK from India to pursue a BA(Hons) in Finance from the University of Nottingham which has been extremely instrumental in shaping my career. However, the general lack of clarity by employers around jobs for international students left me feeling quite demotivated.

Surprisingly, through my interactions with various recruiters, I learnt that most of the top companies are open to hiring international employees – but students were falling short in their preparation. Therein began my journey. After a considerable amount of time spent researching, attending career events, interacting with companies and numerous trials and errors- I went into my final year of university with 4 job offers in hand from the biggest consultancies in London and it felt great!

Soon I realised that this is the problem I want to solve. I wanted to help international students in making their journeys easier. This is how the UK Employability LaunchPad was born – a comprehensive course based on first hand experiences to train YOU for the UK job recruitment process.

Click to know about our 3 step success model.

Click to know about our 3 step success model.

All the hassle around job search ends here.

With our holistic offering we aim to give you everything you need to get your dream job, in one place through our UK Employability Launchpad™

Personal Roadmap

A 1-1 consultation to refine your career goals, formulate a job application strategy and create a detailed timeline. We will also professionally rewrite your CV.

Job Board

A bespoke portal that features employment opportunities from companies who have a track record of sponsoring international students.

Live Training Course

With more than 20 hours of live training and our comprehensive resource bank, we will prep you for every step of the application process.

Mentor Network

Exclusive access to interact with international graduates, who are employed with some of the top companies in the UK. You may seek advice, borrow tips or just know their favourite cuisine.

Immigration Advice

From job search strategies for int’l students to advice on companies that sponsor Tier 2 visas- all your immigration related queries answered!

Online community

We’re building a tight knit community of international students to create a shared learning experience. Network with other students, receive feedback on your application, and connect with us directly

Our Mentor Network

They've been there, done that.

YangYang Peng

Senior Consultant, EY London

Monaco Nitram

Senior Consultant, EY London

Divya Bhatia

Business Associate, JP Morgan London

Akhil Shankar

Senior Associate, PWC London